Suitcase store and recharge iPads

Suitcase for storing and recharging ipads, two models: iPad and iPad mini.

Project developed for multinational as education sector.

Production of a suitcase to store and recharge: 10 iPads or 18 iPad mini simultaneously.

The company asked us to develop a bag to store and recharge ipads used by students. We developed this suitcase to save and recharge up to 10 iPads or 18 iPads mini simultaneously. The suitcase has 10 (iPad) or 18(iPad mini) accommodation guide for ipad foam (adapted dimensions for each model, Ipad and Ipad mini), a hub with USB ports for charging at maximum capacity, power supply and combination lock.

The teacher responsible for delivering the devices to students and collecting them after class. After saving ipads in their housings, connecting individual wires for recharging and outer cable outlet.

Available in different voltages and connectors, depending on the country in which you intend to use.